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Facts & Figures
Sector & produts / Industrial sectors
Products & services Mold and tooling industry, electronics ,automotive, miningandroad construction Industrial wear parts, mold & dies,tungsten carbide rods one of the largest carbide producers in China/Taiwan.
Production & sales worldwide
Holding company & headquarters
CB-CERATIZIT Luxembourg S.A. 101 Route de Holzem, L-8232 Mamer,Luxembourg
Sales network
Production sites
11 locations
8 plants
Foundation year Opening of Tooling Academy in November 2011 in Tianjin (China) October 2010 (joint venture of CERATIZIT & CB Carbide, merger of activities on the Asian market) CERATIZIT founded in 2002 in Mamer (Luxembourg) CB Carbide founded in 1973 in Taipei (Taiwan).
Center of Competence Asia Customer Service Center & Technical Support in Tianjin (China)
Key figures
Number of employees CERATIZIT Group 8,000 employees
Number of employees CB-CERATIZIT Group about 1.800 employees
Certifications ISO 9001 :2008